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Design, artistic photos and water sports: design becomes present in boat building. Sometimes the ocean can be some sorts of arts. Ocean's photographers, painters, sculpters, writers, musicians share all the same sea and watersports passion.

 Classic and traditional sail

Traditonal sailing boats, old sail plans, always made us dream. The adventurous side aspect, the history behind those yachts, storms suffered and the crews that navigated upon them.


Rather for cruise, race or for leisure, boat might be on of the best way to discover a country. From beaches, sunsets, diving, relaxing with family or friends.


Sea beds, beaches, wild coasts. Find here the best videos, discover amazing oceanic and nautical landscapes. Wildlife and plant life, the world belongs to us .

 Engine boats

Engine boat fanatics, find here the best videos. enflatable boats or semi-stiff, speedboats,cruise ships or yachts you will find them all here.


Globe surface is covered by 70% of water... This fragile ecosystem is threaten by pollution and weather changes. To take an inside look on nautical environnement, click here .


Most Amazing locations, sea beds, beaches and cultures. All the best videos.


Find more about famous races, large events and exhibitions, all in video.

 Extreme Sports

Extreme sports fanatics, find here the best videos. Water skiing, kite-surf, body-board, windsurf, wakeboard. All extreme sports enjoyment in video. Find out more about famous races, events, exhibitons all in video.


Sea or River Fishing hobby, angling, big game fishing, net-fishing, fishing industry. Find all related videos here.

 Open sea race

Vendée Globe, Transatlantic Jacques Vabre, Jules Vernes's Trophee, Rhum routes, Fastnet, Sydney-Hobart, ... Needs of large oceanic spaces through open seas racing.


Experienced navigator, sea men, ocean fanatics, professionals. Find more portraits for Men and Women that marked the world of water-sports and yachting.


Olympics Reggattas, America's race, French or European championships, regional reggattas, tactical reggattas and persistent races in crews or single-handed. Find here all the videos.


Sailing Boats fanatics, find here the best videos. Lifting-keel yachts, sport catamarans, single hull or multi hulls cruising and open sea racing boats, you'll find them all here.

 Single Hull

Competition, luxuray or hobbie multi-hull boats : for the most amazing yachts videos, click here ! Catamarans or Trimarans, its up to you.

 Single hull

Competition, luxuray or hobbie single hull boats : for the most amazing boat videos, click here


All the amazing watersports world videos, interviews, incredible pictures, advices and tips, from Speadboating, surf, or Wakeboard, to Kitesurf.


Nautical and coastal tourism. Its nautical activities, from scuba-diving, surf, and eco-tourism, to shows, a large range of activities and pleasure.


The weekly news: interviews, visits, water sports news with Ocean Attitude . World's of watersports and yachting is moving all the time. Stay up to date with the latest races, events and exhibitions, daily on hebdo ocean-fanatics.com.