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Canoes and kayaks are two different type of sportscraft. Simple paddle, knees position for the canoist, double paddle seating position for the kayakist.


On one side, canyoning is an activity turned into nature similar to speleology, trekking or rock-climbing. And on the other side, to water-sports.

 Free diving

Free diving boomed with Luc Bessons's "The Big Blue". Deep diving, without oxygene, feeling like a fish without any restriction in its element.


Kite-surfing consist in beeing tracted by a wing, and to slide on a small sized surf board. This practice is quickly developing.

 Light Sail

Optimistic, 470, lasers and others lifting-keel yachts: sport catamarans( Hobbie, Dart, Tornado, Formule 18), in a few words find here all sailing fanatics videos.

 Open sea races

Do a wind powered around the world tour, arrive first by selecting the most favorable meteo and streams. Open sea racing is the balance mix of sailing skills, sea and wind knowledge, but is mainly about self control.


Rafting is a sport about navigation on river sections called white water, aboard an inflatable raft either controled by a crew of paddlers, by a single-handed rowing, or even with the help of an engine on big rivers.


Olympic Rowing gathers thousands of members through its federation. Comprehensive sport to pratice, single-handed, by pair, or with a team. It allows to discover seas and rivers landscapes.


Sailing Boats fanatics, find here the best videos. Lifting-keel yachts, sport catamarans, single hull or multi hulls cruising and open sea racing boats, you'll find them all here.

 Scuba diving

Scubadiving videos are often the most amazing. They make us discover wildlife and plantlife, amazing fishes and the best countries to practice this sport.

 Speed Boats

Engine boat fanatics, find here the best videos. Inflatable boats or semi-stiff, speedboats, cruise ships or yachts you will find them all here.

 Sport fishing

Fishing is not inevitably waiting on a river bank taking a nap. It can be a real sport and unremeting fight with the taken fish.


Surf is practiced on spots: beaches open to high waves or adapted small waves like in Hawai, French south west (Biarritz...), La Reunion Island, Brasil...


Pools or the sea swimming allows to stay in contact with water all the year around. No need to participate to Olympic Games. Just swimming for the fun of it.


Wakeboarding is a Water-sport created in the 80's from a water-skiing, snowboarding and surfing combo.

 Water skiing

Water skiing is a sport consisting in beeing tracted by a boat. There are different categories : one of them beeing the barefoot, practiced without skiis.


Windsurfing started in the early 60's. After a little practice, it allows quite easily to navigate from within a beach. Pleasure, reggattas or olympic sports, it's up to you.

 other sports

Find here all water-sports videos.