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 Nautic Paris 2009 : 7th day

The Nautic is : - the annual meeting to discover the news 2009/2010 in the nautic world. - a real show made of almost 1,200 exhibitors and 1,400 labels, for an audience of more than 253,000 visitors. - Professional advice - a friendly atmosphere, a meeting for the enthusiasts of water activities.

Upload Date : 12/11/2009
Video Date : 12 / 2009
Place : Paris
Country : GE
Type of boat : Yacht and luxury boats
Type of boat : Traditional sailing boats
Type of boat : Inflatable and semi-stiff
Type of boat : Cruising multi hull
Type of boat : Racing multi hull boats
Type of boat : Single Hull and sailing boats
Type of boat : Kayaks
Type of boat : Dinghy sailing
Type of boat : Beneteau's Class
Type of boat : Sport Catamarans
Type of boat : Motor boat
Sport : Wakeboard
Sport : Light Sail
Sport : Sail
Sport : Surf
Sport : Water skiing
Sport : Rafting
Sport : Scuba diving
Sport : Windsurf
Sport : Sport fishing
Sport : Speed Boats
Sport : Kite-Surf
Sport : Open sea races
Sport : Canyoning
Sport : Canoe-kayac
Sport : Rowing
Section : Sailing
Section : Tourism
Section : Sport
Section : Reggattas
Section : Single Hull
Section : Engine boats
Section : Single hull
Section : Extreme Sports
Section : Event
Section : Escaping
Section : Environment
Section : Discovery
Section : Cruise
Categories : The weekly news
Categories : Event

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 Beneteau's Class

Find here Beneteau's Class best videos.


Canoes and kayaks are two different type of sportscraft. Simple paddle, knees position for the canoist, double paddle seating position for the kayakist.


On one side, canyoning is an activity turned into nature similar to speleology, trekking or rock-climbing. And on the other side, to water-sports.


Rather for cruise, race or for leisure, boat might be on of the best way to discover a country. From beaches, sunsets, diving, relaxing with family or friends.

 Cruising multi hull

Competition, luxuray or hobbie multi-hull boats : for the most amazing yachts videos, click here ! Catamarans or Trimarans, its up to you.

 Dinghy sailing

Laser, Optimist, 420, 470, Finn, 505 Caravelles... Olympics or school boats, it up to you.


Sea beds, beaches, wild coasts. Find here the best videos, discover amazing oceanic and nautical landscapes. Wildlife and plant life, the world belongs to us .

 Engine boats

Engine boat fanatics, find here the best videos. enflatable boats or semi-stiff, speedboats,cruise ships or yachts you will find them all here.


Globe surface is covered by 70% of water... This fragile ecosystem is threaten by pollution and weather changes. To take an inside look on nautical environnement, click here .


Most Amazing locations, sea beds, beaches and cultures. All the best videos.


Events in the water sports world: Atlantic ocean against the winds, single hull and sailboats at America's cup and Louis Vuitton's cup

 Extreme Sports

Extreme sports fanatics, find here the best videos. Water skiing, kite-surf, body-board, windsurf, wakeboard. All extreme sports enjoyment in video. Find out more about famous races, events, exhibitons all in video.

 Inflatable and semi-stiff

To practice water-skiing, fishing, trekking or lifeguarding nothing is more efficient than an inflatable or semi-stiff boat.


Kayak is a light kano, fast and adapted to it's user's body. In a few words to be in symbiosis with your craft down the most beautiful rivers.


Kite-surfing consist in beeing tracted by a wing, and to slide on a small sized surf board. This practice is quickly developing.

 Light Sail

Optimistic, 470, lasers and others lifting-keel yachts: sport catamarans( Hobbie, Dart, Tornado, Formule 18), in a few words find here all sailing fanatics videos.

 Motor boat

Living boats, inflatable or luxuray yachts, there's one for every prices and hobbies. Cruising or staying in the harbour, it's up to you. Find here the best videos.

 Open sea races

Do a wind powered around the world tour, arrive first by selecting the most favorable meteo and streams. Open sea racing is the balance mix of sailing skills, sea and wind knowledge, but is mainly about self control.

 Racing multi hull boats

Catamarans or Trimarans are real Seas Formula 1 navigating at more than 20 knots an hour, all over the oceans. For the most amazing videos, click here.


Rafting is a sport about navigation on river sections called white water, aboard an inflatable raft either controled by a crew of paddlers, by a single-handed rowing, or even with the help of an engine on big rivers.


Olympics Reggattas, America's race, French or European championships, regional reggattas, tactical reggattas and persistent races in crews or single-handed. Find here all the videos.


Olympic Rowing gathers thousands of members through its federation. Comprehensive sport to pratice, single-handed, by pair, or with a team. It allows to discover seas and rivers landscapes.


Sailing Boats fanatics, find here the best videos. Lifting-keel yachts, sport catamarans, single hull or multi hulls cruising and open sea racing boats, you'll find them all here.


Sailing Boats fanatics, find here the best videos. Lifting-keel yachts, sport catamarans, single hull or multi hulls cruising and open sea racing boats, you'll find them all here.

 Scuba diving

Scubadiving videos are often the most amazing. They make us discover wildlife and plantlife, amazing fishes and the best countries to practice this sport.

 Single Hull

Competition, luxuray or hobbie multi-hull boats : for the most amazing yachts videos, click here ! Catamarans or Trimarans, its up to you.

 Single Hull and sailing boats

Competition, luxuary or hobbie, single-hull boats: for the most amazing boats videos click here.

 Single hull

Competition, luxuray or hobbie single hull boats : for the most amazing boat videos, click here

 Speed Boats

Engine boat fanatics, find here the best videos. Inflatable boats or semi-stiff, speedboats, cruise ships or yachts you will find them all here.


All the amazing watersports world videos, interviews, incredible pictures, advices and tips, from Speadboating, surf, or Wakeboard, to Kitesurf.

 Sport Catamarans

Dart, Hobbie, Tornado, Nacra ... Sport catamarans allows to enjoy oneself single-handed or in duo, to do reggattas or raids. Find here more videos.

 Sport fishing

Fishing is not inevitably waiting on a river bank taking a nap. It can be a real sport and unremeting fight with the taken fish.


Surf is practiced on spots: beaches open to high waves or adapted small waves like in Hawai, French south west (Biarritz...), La Reunion Island, Brasil...

 The weekly news

The weekly news: interviews, visits, water sports news with Ocean Attitude. World's of watersports and yachting is moving all the time. Stay up to date with the latest races, events and exhibitions, daily on hebdo ocean-fanatics.com.


Nautical and coastal tourism. Its nautical activities, from scuba-diving, surf, and eco-tourism, to shows, a large range of activities and pleasure.

 Traditional sailing boats

Traditonal sailing boats, old sail plans, always made us dream. The adventurous side aspect, the history behind those yachts, storms suffered and the crews that navigated upon them.


Wakeboarding is a Water-sport created in the 80's from a water-skiing, snowboarding and surfing combo.

 Water skiing

Water skiing is a sport consisting in beeing tracted by a boat. There are different categories : one of them beeing the barefoot, practiced without skiis.


Windsurfing started in the early 60's. After a little practice, it allows quite easily to navigate from within a beach. Pleasure, reggattas or olympic sports, it's up to you.

 Yacht and luxury boats

Most amazing yachts are symbolizing excesses and absolute luxuary. Visit those sea limousines, it's usually a unique experience. Get a taste of it here, by cheking out the videos.